Meeting Infectious Disease Threats

COVID-19 has shown that global economies are not prepared for the chaos and disruption of pandemics.

The world must learn to counter the rising threat of novel pathogens arising from spillover of zoonotic diseases from animal reservoirs into human populations. We have developed monitoring and analysis tools needed to anticipate the next global pandemic.

The time is now for a coordinated intelligence partnership between industry, government, NGOs, & academia to meet & respond to novel threats from infectious disease. 

Infectious Disease Intelligence (IDI)

What is Infectious Disease Intelligence ?

Infectious Disease Intelligence ( IDI ) is the gathering & synthesis of information involving threats from disease to human populations, governments, industry, & economies.

IDI provides early warning & real-time interpretation of outbreak data through modeling, biostatistics, & data science.

GIDIC Mission

GIDIC is a consortium of research institutions & partners established to help stakeholders prepare for & respond to emerging disease threats before they cause widespread disruptions.

GIDIC is a working collaboration between industry, government, NGOs, & academia to help members identify & advance strategies for communication, business operations, & public policy during a public health crisis.  

By calibrating responses to infectious disease intelligence, GIDIC members will be better prepared to withstand the challenges posed by future outbreak events.

GIDIC Activities

Annual Horizon Report

Overview of ongoing outbreaks of regional & global concern. Horizon scan for risk of novel infectious disease emergence.

IDI newsletter highlighting original science & leaders in academia, government, industry, & the non-profit sector working to manage regional & global outbreaks.


Annual Meeting

One day meeting facilitating discussions on topics of mutual interest. Networking event with CEID scientists & students.

Topical roundtables bringing interested parties together to discuss infectious disease challenges & solutions.



Biennial one day sessions on emerging trends in infectious disease research and IDI.

Deep dives into IDI methods, applications, & special topics.


Special Reports

IDI briefs on emerging & evolving situations. Forecasting, scenario analysis, risk mapping, & impact modeling.


GIDIC Members have access to our scientists & experts to address stakeholder-specific challenges.

Sponsored Research

GIDIC Members have the oportunity to sponsor research directly related to member interests.


GIDIC is spear-headed by the
Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases (CEID)

at the University of Georgia.

Created in 2016, CEID has built a reputation for rigorous multi‑disciplinary expertise in disease biology & ecology, integrated with subject matter expertise in epidemiology, social sciences, economics, agriculture and other fields.

The center has world-class capabilities in data science, machine learning, & scientific synthesis, with access to institutional cluster computing for large-scale mathematical modeling big data.

CEID is a recognized leader in understanding disease spillover, transmission and evolution.

CEID trains the next generation of scientists to help stakeholders respond to future threats from infectious disease. 

John M. Drake, Director, CEID