GIDIC Activities

Annual Horizon Report

Overview of ongoing outbreaks of regional & global concern. Horizon scan for risk of novel infectious disease emergence.

IDI newsletter highlighting original science & leaders in academia, government, industry, & the non-profit sector working to manage regional & global outbreaks.


Annual Meeting

One day meeting facilitating discussions on topics of mutual interest. Networking event with CEID scientists & students.

Topical roundtables bringing interested parties together to discuss infectious disease challenges & solutions.



Biennial one day sessions on emerging trends in infectious disease research and IDI.

Deep dives into IDI methods, applications, & special topics.


Special Reports

IDI briefs on emerging & evolving situations. Forecasting, scenario analysis, risk mapping, & impact modeling.


GIDIC Members have access to our scientists & experts to address stakeholder-specific challenges.

Sponsored Research

GIDIC Members have the oportunity to sponsor research directly related to member interests.